MC Gastro

Functional Description - Basic Module

Master Data

>> Stock master data
>> Item description, preparation, EAN code
>> Category master data
>> Category sub-groups
>> Waiter master data, waiter authorisation
>> Graphic table plan (raster programming)
>> Table zone master data
>> Rooms master data
>> Customer base (birthday function)
>> Suppliers master data

Ringing Up Variants

>> Table
>> Room (detailed bill for extended period)
>> Regular guest
>> On account guest (monthly bill, collective bill)
>> Event
>> Transfer possible in any direction
>> Buslogic

Additional Functions

>> Table transfer
>> Table handover (waiter change)
>> No-sale receipt (steak/fisch orders)
>> Free price entry
>> Fax function
>> Serving sequence automatic on advertising voucher
>> Call-up order (call up courses automatically)
>> Bondispo (kitchen sales slip displayed on screen)
>> Cash register switchover to self-service or mixed operation
>> Different price levels (7) also linked to table zone
>> Item discount freely definable
>> Customer-specific price or discount
>> Invoice discount
>> automatic splitting of invoice (split among several persons)
>> Happy hour functionality
>> Ancillary invoices
>> Street trading
>> Collection/delivery service functionality
>> Repeat invoice printout, invoice archive
>> Credit note administration (remaining balance control, history)
>> Administration of open items


>> According to day, week, month and year
>> Day close overall or waiters
>> Category / Item overall and waiters
>> ABC analysis optional acc. to sales or profit margin
>> sales-time analysis
>> Table analysis
>> Recipe statistics
>> Compilation of movement types (complementary, own consumption, employees meals, etc.)
>> Invoice slip journal
>> Waiter time journal
>> Waiter control list
>> List of waiters
>> profit margin analyses


>> Sales simulations based on past values
>> Pre-recording of new selling prices
>> Automatic monthly selling price archiving

Data Security

>> Total data security through dual data storage

Interfaces to:

>> Scales (Mettler Toledo, Bizerba)
>> Card readers (Legic, PCS, Ordercard, Fage, PC-Caddy,...)
>> Waiter key systems (Dallas, Steingress, WMF, Addimat, Micros,...)
>> Barcode-scanners
>> Inventory management (Kost, MS-Navision, PC-K├╝che)
>> Customer displays
>> ATM/credit card systems

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